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In 1946 K. Sports are necessary in order to influence society. Later sports were held from time to time, only with special permission and mainly in the Eastern part of the Empire (the last time in 520). heightline

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desport — "the game", "entertainment") is organized according to certain rules human activity, consisting in the comparison of their physical or intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity, and interpersonal relations arising in the process. Founded in the I century BC the image of a professional athlete — fist fighter — works by Apollonius, son of Nestor, shows how far by this time left the concept of the sport from his original idea. Pregnant women are recommended to do exercise for half an hour a day and five days a week. Sport is an integral part of physical culture. To this same period belong the picturesque images of wrestlers in ancient Egyptian tombs at Beni-Hassan, showing that already 4.5 thousand years ago in the fight were used the most modern of seizures[9]. The history of the development of trainings and development of training goes back thousands of years.